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Get your Utility & Tax Bill by Email

In an effort to be more efficient and effective in the process of Property Tax Bills and Water Billls, the Municipality is offering residents the opportunity to receive these bills by e-mail as opposed to regular mail immediately.  There is no requirement to sign-up for this service.  

We understand that some residents may not be able to take advantage of this service due to limited connectivity.

Receiving your Property Tax and Wqter Bill by email will allow you to easily file these important documents electronically for future reference.  Further, you will be able to access these bills wherever you have access to you email.  We will see this green initiative as a value added service to residents of Middlesex Centre.  We hope you agree!

Property Tax Bills and Water Bills - Email Sign-up Form (PDF)

If you would like to be removed from email billing you must notify us in writing by emailing or by mailing notification