Boards & Committees

Interested in joining a committee or board of council for 2022-2026? Please click the link below for more information. 

Committee and Board Recruitment


Middlesex Centre Council appoints representatives to local boards and committees. The term for local boards and committees is December 2018 to November 30, 2022.


Community Services Advisory Committee

Council Representatives: Councillor Brad Scott, Councillor Wayne Shipley
Public Representatives: Todd Copeland, Heather Greig, Jim Jarrett, Karen Lee, Shereen Miller, Stephanie O'Connor, Louise Shoebottom


Bluewater Recycling Association

Council Representative: Councillor Sue Cates


Cemetery Committee

Council & Staff Representatives: Councillor Debbie Heffernan, Municipal Clerk


Kettle Creek Conservation Authority Board

Public Representative: Stephen Harvey


Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority Board

Council Representative: Councillor Hugh Aerts


Upper Thames River Conservation Authority Board

Public Representative: David Shepherd


St. Clair Region Conservation Authority Board

Representative: Councillor Debbie Heffernan


Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Board

Public Representative: Bob Harvey


Southwest Middlesex Health Centre Board

Public Representatives: Michael Clarke, Susan Latta


Livestock Valuers

Public Representatives: Evan Donley


Joint Board of Management for the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System

Council Representative: Mayor Aina DeViet
Alternate Council Representative: Deputy Mayor John Brennan


Green Lane Landfill Public Liaison Committee

Public Representative: Councillor Hugh Aerts


Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Clinic Board of Directors

Council Representatives: Mayor Aina DeViet, Deputy Mayor John Brennan
Public Representative: Danny Jefferies


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