Wastewater treatment is a critical process to protect public health and the environment. 

Middlesex Centre owns and operates two wastewater treatment plants, one in Ilderton and one in Komoka. These plants receive and treat wastewater 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Wastewater is a mixture of liquid and solid materials flushed down toilets, sinks and drains. It flows through the municipality's sanitary sewer system to the wastewater treatment plants. There, the wastewater is treated following strict regulations to meet or exceed the standards set by the provincial and federal governments. 


Don't Flush It!

Don't flush personal use wipes, paper towels, or any hygiene products down your toilet. These need to be placed in the garbage.

Anything other than No. 1, No. 2 and toilet paper can lead to sewer backups and flooded basements, may damage wastewater facilities, and pollute rivers and lakes.

To learn more, visit idontflush.ca


Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG): A big problem for your household drain

When fats, oil and grease from food are poured down the drain, they are often in a warm liquid. This may not seem harmful but, as the liquid cools, the grease becomes a hardened mass.

As grease build ups over time, this mass restricts the flow of sewage – both on your property and under the roadway.

In fact, pipes blocked by grease are an increasingly common cause of sewage back-ups and septic issues in homes as well as sewer overflows. Each year, a considerable amount of time and money is spent cleaning clogged pipes throughout the municipality as a result of grease in the sanitary sewer system.



What Can You Do to Help?

  • DO wipe out greasy pots, pans, and utensils with paper towel before putting them into the sink.
  • DO use a strainer in the sink to catch food scraps and other solids.
  • DO place grease in a cup, jar or can and store it. Once the grease solidifies place it into the garbage, or feed it to birds as suet feeders.
  • DO inform friends and neighbours about the problem with fats, oil and grease in the sewer system.
  • DO pour turkey and roast drippings into a container and dispose in garbage.
  • DO pick-up a FOG cup!


FOG Cups

Take a Cup! Fill it Up.

Middlesex Centre has FOG Cups available free-of-charge for residents. You can pick yours up at the municipal office or the Komoka Wellness Centre.


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