Municipal Office Renovations


About the Project

The municipal office, centrally located in Coldstream, was constructed in 1987, along with the Coldstream Community Centre to which is it connected. The original office was 12,000 ft2 and was expanded to 15,500 ft2 with an addition in 2003 (office only, not including the community centre).

The municipality is continuing to grow and this space no longer meets the needs of current (or future) operations.

Middlesex Centre is undertaking a two-year project to expand and renovate the municipal office to 21,000 ft2. Construction will see the following completed:

  • Phase 1 – A 5,500 ft2 two-storey addition that will become the new home of the building, engineering and planning departments.
  • Phase 2 – A 2,000 ft2 addition that will become the new Council Chambers.
  • Phase 3 – Interior renovations of existing office space

The renovation represents a significant long-term investment in the facility that will meet the needs of the staff, residents, and community today and into the future. Renovating the existing office space to meet today's building codes, accessibility standards and sustainable initiatives allows for the office to stay centrally located in the municipality.

Considerations for the Renovations

  • Compliance with Accessibility Requirements
  • Green Energy and Sustainable Building Practices -  This project will incorporate green initiatives such as a high-performance building envelope and windows to reduce energy use, solar collection and electric vehicle charging into the facility.
  • Post-Disaster Requirements - Due to the nature of the building, any new construction would be required to be constructed to Post Disaster requirements.
  • As needed, Upgrades to the Existing Building - The existing septic system will be reviewed, and the existing asphalt shingled roof and flat roof (which are approaching the end of their serviceable life) will be upgraded.

For more information on these considerations, see the Municipal Office Renovation Project Charter attached below.


Building Design

The conceptual design prepared by Wasylko Architects is attached below. This design is subject to change.


Budget and Funding

The total project budget has been identified at $4.3 million. The project to be funded from the following areas:

  • Building Department - $1 million
  • Build Middlesex Reserve Fund (proceeds of the Design for Happiness land sale) - $1 million
  • Building and Facility Reserves – $2.3 million

As renovation costs will be covered by reserve funds, the project is expected to have little to no impact to the tax base.


Project Schedule

Staff anticipate the project will take 24 months from design to project completion. The project is to be completed as one overall project but in four distinct phases. This staged approach will minimize customer service disruption. 

We are currently in Phase 1.

Phase 1 – Detailed Design and Engineering

Preparation of detail design drawings and required engineering

In the spring of 2022, municipal staff engaged with Wasylko Architects to prepare a feasibility study for the renovations/additions to the office. This work included:

  • Preparation of AutoCadd plans of existing
  • Meetings and interviews with staff
  • Design development and space analysis
  • Mechanical/electrical energy efficiency analysis
  • AutoCadd plans of conceptual design
  • Costs estimates
At their October 12, 2022, meeting, Middlesex Council awarded the architectural and engineering services contract to The Ventin Group. This step will see the final building design (for building permits), contract documents and contract administration.
Phase 2 – Addition for Building, Engineering and Planning Departments

Construction of 5,500 ft2 two-storey addition that will become the new home of the building, engineering and planning departments. (more information to come)

Phase 3 – Addition for New Council Chambers

Construction of a 2,000 ft2 addition that will become the new Council Chambers. (more information to come)

Phase 4 – Interior Renovations

Interior renovations of existing office space. (more information to come)



We encourage you to review the attached Project Charter, and to contact us with questions or concerns.

  • Middlesex Centre: Scott Mairs, Director of Community Services

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project as it progresses, please be in touch. 


Notice first posted September 22, 2022.