Middlesex Centre Council Inaugural Meeting

Middlesex Centre Council 2022 - 2026

Middlesex Centre welcomed the incoming 2022 to 2026 Municipal Council at its inaugural meeting on November 16, 2022. Mayor Aina DeViet, Deputy Mayor John Brennan, and the five ward councillors each took their oath of office in a formal swearing-in ceremony.

In her inaugural remarks, Mayor DeViet acknowledged the work done in the previous term of council to update the municipality’s Strategic Plan and other foundational documents.

“These plans will inform our efforts going forward,” said Mayor DeViet. “In the coming four years, our focus will be on putting these plans into action.”

This means taking concrete steps to address the community priorities outlined in these plans, including balancing growth and development, tackling the challenge of attainable housing, increasing commercial development, and delivering on community projects that celebrate and support our residents.

“We know that we are heading into a potentially difficult next few years, with economic and political factors we cannot control,” said Mayor DeViet. “We need to ensure that we are continuing with our approach of balancing financial sustainability with innovative and efficient delivery of municipal services.”

“It is my hope that Council, staff, community leaders, residents, and business owners can focus on all that we have here, and work to make Middlesex Centre a municipality where everyone has opportunities to contribute and grow,” added Mayor DeViet. “Working together, we can ensure that Middlesex Centre continues to be the place we want it to be!”


Middlesex Centre Municipal Council 2022-2026

  • Aina DeViet, Mayor

  • John Brennan, Deputy Mayor

  • Debbie Heffernan, Councillor, Ward 1

  • Wayne Shipley, Councillor, Ward 2

  • Hugh Aerts, Councillor, Ward 3

  • Sue Cates, Councillor, Ward 4

  • Frank Berze, Councillor, Ward 5


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