Committee and Board Recruitment

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The Municipality of Middlesex Centre invites interested residents to apply for positions on various committees and boards of Council for the 2022-2026 term.

You can find more information about the committee and board positions below, and apply today using our Committee Volunteer Application Form. 

Committee Volunteer Application Form

Print copies of the application form are available from the Municipal Office.  

The last day to apply is Friday, November 25, 2022.

If you have questions about the committees or the application process, contact James Hutson, Municipal Clerk.


Boards and Committees

Community Services Advisory Committee 

The Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) shall advise and assist the Municipality in promoting recreation-based activities, in identifying capital requirements, and provide direction in terms of programs and services within the department of Community Services.

Coordinated by the Community Services Department, the CSAC will:

  1. as requested from staff and/or Council, comment on and review information related to Community Services activities;
  2. assist in raising public awareness of the municipality’s recreational facilities, parks, and programs to increase usage;
  3. provide information on community events and programs that are being considered and/or planned;
  4. upon request from staff and/or Council, comment and review information related to the Community Services Master Plan;
  5. support the goals, objectives and strategic directions outlined in the Community Services Master Plan, Trails Master Plan and Rates & Fees Study;
  6. raise items of interest or concern to the attention of staff and/or Council;
  7. function as a public forum when requested by staff and/or Council to engage and provide public input related to the municipality’s recreational facilities, parks, policies, and procedures and engaging with the various recreation user groups;
  8. assist in the development of the Community Services annual work plan, identifying projects and priorities to be accomplished; and
  9. assist in defining community needs responding to trends in recreation.


  • A maximum of eight (8) citizen representatives
  • Two (2) Council representatives 
Youth Advisory Committee

The Municipality of Middlesex Centre’s Youth Advisory Committee (“YAC”) will provide a meaningful and constructive voice for the youth of Middlesex Centre, while advising Council on important social, recreational, and lifestyle issues concerning the municipality’s younger population.

Coordinated by the Community Services Department, the YAC will be responsible for the following:

  1. keeping Council informed on important matters affecting youth in Middlesex Centre;
  2. acting as a positive advocate for youth in Middlesex Centre;
  3. actively seeking input from youth on important matters affecting them and their families;
  4. supporting events and activities sponsored by YAC that relate to the mandate;
  5. providing leadership experience for Middlesex Centre’s young people;
  6. undertaking community development and social research initiatives to respond to community needs;
  7. providing input to help with evaluation of existing programs or the establishment of innovative programs; and
  8. implementing  recommendations from the Community Services Master Plan specific to youth.


  • A maximum of eight (8) young people between the ages of 9 and 17 years of age
  • One (1) Council representative 
Cemetery Committee 

The Cemetery Committee supports the municipality by facilitating the sale of burial plots at the Campbell Cemetery as well as supporting the care, maintenance and upkeep of existing historical cemeteries owned or managed by the municipality. The Committee meets twice per year. For more information, please contact the Municipal Clerk.


  • A maximum of five (5) citizen representatives
  • One (1) Council representative
Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Clinic Board of Directors 

Middlesex Centre Family Medicine Clinic is located in the Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Clinic in Ilderton.

The family practice medical clinic opened in June 2010 and is staffed by six physicians, all of which are affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at Western University.  Each of the four clinic teams consist of a staff physician, registered practical nurse, two residents and one student.  As well as being a teaching site, the medical clinic is also affiliated with the Thames Valley Family Health Team with on site access to a social worker, registered nurse, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, dietitian and occupational therapist.


  • One (1) Citizen Representative
  • Mayor/Deputy Mayor
Southwest Middlesex Medical Centre Board

The Southwest Middlesex Health Centre is part of the Thames Valley Family Health Team and a Regional Teaching Site for the Department of Family Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine, Western University. They serve patients from Mount Brydges, Delaware, Komoka and their surrounding areas as well as the First Nations communities of Oneida, Muncey, and Chippewa. Membership is to the Board of Directors which provides oversight to the team. 


  • Two (2) citizen representatives
Community Schools Alliance

The Community Schools Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to working with the Ontario Ministry of Education, municipalities and school boards to achieve a collaborative process that results in democratically determined decisions regarding education infrastructure. Such decisions should be based on principles that consider the broad impact, including but not limited to both social and fiscal effects, of any changes to the infrastructure on students and their community.


  • One (1) Citizen or Council Representative
Livestock Valuers 

The federal and provincial governments are helping Ontario's livestock, poultry and bee farmers by ensuring more consistent, transparent and timely appeals processes and compensation when their animals are injured or killed by predatory wildlife.

The Valuer is responsible to investigate claims and determine the type of predator that is responsible.

The Valuer completes a detailed written report of his/her findings and submits a copy to the Municipal Clerk and the owner. Within the report is the amount of compensation in accordance with the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program valuation table.


  • Two (2) citizen representatives

Note: To be considered on a Municipal Committee you must be an owner of property or a tenant of property in the Municipality of Middlesex Centre. Employees working within the municipality with residency in other communities will also be considered