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Middlesex Centre has a rich heritage of agriculture, the rural life, railroads, and historical landmarks.  The following are a few of these cultural gems.

If you wish to be listed under the "Arts & Culture" page as a tourist destination or historical landmark, please contact Scott Mairs at or at 519.666.0190 x227.

Komoka Railway Museum

131 Queen Street

Komoka, Ontario N0L 1R0

(519) 657-1912

The Museum is housed in the former Canadian National Railway station in Komoka, Ontario.

When purchased as a museum in 1978, the building was moved to its present site north of the CNR tracks and adjacent to the Komoka Community Centre.

Many railroad items are available for close examination including telegraph keys, spike hammers, spike pullers, switch lanterns, steam gauges, a railroad safe, a baggage sleigh and a three-wheel velocipede.

The Museum's pride is a 1913 Shay steam locomotive, which is now nearly completely restored.  It rests in its own building along with other artifacts. When restored, a pre-1939 steel-sided baggage car will house the gift shop, office and a model railroad display.

Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt Trail - Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail

The Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt Trails is a historical tour spearheaded by the Elgin, Oxford, Norfolk Association of Museum Curators and Directors (EON), a local museums association, to stimulate tourism in Ontario's Sand Plains Region (Elgin, Oxford, Norfolk, Middlesex and Brant Counties). Working with area tourism authorities and other community partners and volunteers, EON will launched the tour that spans the five counties in 2012. (via Southwest 

The trail map features descriptions and municipal addresses of all 113 sites. Each site is marked with a Heritage Trail sign that provides a picture and a brief narrative with an overview of the sites historical significance. Ontario Barn Quilt Trails)

Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail

Middlesex Heritage Trail

The communities in Middlesex County were built on dreams and the hard work of scores of settlers who have come and gone; but their legacies live on. The beginning of the oil industry, native settlements and old cemeteries are all part of the history that formed Middlesex County.

Battles over freedom, rights and sovereignty took place along the banks of the Historical Thames River. This river carved out the topography in this region; its waters serving as a passageway to Lake St. Clair and the United States.

Step back in time…to when small communities dotted the countryside and one room school houses, churches and farms were at the heart of the community and rivers were a hive of activity centered around the saw mills and grist mills on their banks.

Take a drive, learn about our past, and discover the many wonderful buildings and sites that chronicle the history and lives of the early settlers.

Heritage Trial maps are available at Middlesex County municipal offices, libraries, the Middlesex County Building, CFDC and the new Tourism Visitor Centre at 137 Frank Street, Strathroy.

Community Futures Development Corporation of Middlesex County (CFDC) in partnership with the County of Middlesex and its’ municipalities launched the Heritage Trail with signage to identify historic places, buildings and events. Their popularity and place in the communities led to a request to increase the number of signs. Thirty more signs have been added to the Heritage Trail, bringing the total to 113 signs located throughout Middlesex County.